WEET Tells You How Can Motor Running Capacitors CBB60 And CBB65 Be Distinguished And What Are The Differences?

Date: 2023-08-24
Capacitor is a general term for a series of capacitors, and there are two concepts of capacitors that are easily confused. Although CBB60 and CBB65 are both CBB capacitors, they have some differences in concept and function. WEET will introduce the differences between CBB60 and CBB65.
CBB60 capacitors are polypropylene film capacitors commonly used in AC motors. The function is usually to maintain the operation of the motor, and the material is mostly plastic casing, with leads or metal inserts at the outgoing end.
CBB65 capacitor is a motor operating capacitor, usually made of aluminum shell, prototype or oval shape. CBB65 is a popular term in China.
CBB capacitor is the abbreviation for polypropylene capacitor. CBB capacitor is a metallized polypropylene film series structure that can withstand high voltage and high current impacts, has low losses, excellent electrical performance, high reliability, and self-healing performance.
CBB60 capacitors are suitable for the starting and operation of unidirectional motors powered by AC power at a frequency of 50Hz (60 Hz). They have the characteristics of small size, light weight, low price, low loss, and good self-healing effect. and
CBB65 capacitor is suitable for 50/60Hz AC power supply and is an important supporting component of the compressor in air conditioners, helping to start and operate the compressor.

Simply put, the difference between these two types of capacitors is quite obvious, as they have significant differences in their functions and characteristics. Capacitors have the characteristics of small size, light weight, and good self-healing effect. CBB65, on the other hand, helps to start and operate the compressor and is one of the essential key components


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