WEET KNP KNS Wire Wound Resistors Heat Proof and Humidity Proof Non Flammable Material 5W

Date: 2019-09-10

Wire wound resistors are made by winding the resistance wire non-corrosive, heat-proof and humidity-proof material.
Delivery from stock in bulk taped, and strip pack.
Exceptional long-term stabiligy
Temp. Coefficient±350ppm/℃

Typical characteristic
-Highly stable pulse characteristics
-Super heat dissipation, high heat conduction porcelain core
-Immediate overload capacity
-Low noise
-The stability is good, and there is no annual change in resistance value
-Available tolerance: ± 5%, ± 2%, ± 1%
- Finishing painting, Silicone resin is used.
- Material: Ceramic core


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