WEET Share Application and Technical Requirements of Y1 Safety Ceramic Capacitor and Y2 Safety Ceramic Capacitor

Date: 2018-05-15

What is the safety ceramic capacitor? What are the uses and technical requirements?

The safety ceramic capacitor is the safety capacitor. The safety capacitor is used in such occasions that the capacitor will not cause electric shock and endanger people after failure.

The capacitors with rated voltage of 400Vac and 300Vac are respectively named Y1 Y2 capacitors, i.e. safety gauge ceramic capacitors. The safety regulation ceramic capacitor is used for AC, which requires safety regulation certification. WEET Y1Y2 with UL and VDE approvals.

1、 Features and applications of safety Y1Y2 ceramic capacitors:

The safety ceramic capacitor is small in volume and compact in size. It is suitable for jumper circuits, with stable electrical performance, self-healing performance and explosion-proof function. Conforming to the standard, it is applicable to the starting and operation of single-phase motor with 50Hz (60Hz) AC power supply and high performance requirements.

2、 Technical requirements for ceramic capacitors of safety regulations:

Temperature range: - 25 ℃ -+85 ℃, - 25 ℃ -+125 ℃
Capacitance range: (Y1 capacitance) 10pF-10000pF; (Y2 capacitance) 10pF-10000pF.
Capacitance deviation: ± 10% (K); ±20%(M)。
Rated voltage: (Y1 capacitor) 400VAC; (Y2 capacitor) 125VAC 250VAC~300VAC.
Temperature coefficient: (Y1 capacitance) Y5P ± 10%; Y5V+20%; Y5U+20%, (Y2 capacitance) Y5P ± 10%; Y5V+20%; Y5U+20%。
Loss: Y5P: 2.5% max at 25 ℃ ASN 1KH 1 ± 0.2Vrms.
Insulation resistance: (25 ℃): (Y1 capacitance) 10000M Ω at 500VDC for 1minute at 500VAC for 60 seconds - insulation resistance 10000M; (Y2 capacitor) 10000M Ω at 500VDC for 60 seconds.
Dielectric strength: (Y1 capacitance) 4000VAC for 60 seconds AC400V; (Y2 capacitor) 2600VAC for 60 seconds AC300V.

The capacitance of Y capacitor is limited, so as to control the leakage current flowing through it under the action of rated frequency and rated voltage and its impact on the EMC performance of the system.
GJB151 stipulates that the capacity of Y capacitor shall not be greater than 0.1uF. In addition to meeting the corresponding grid voltage withstand voltage, the Y capacitor is also required to have sufficient margin in electrical and mechanical properties to avoid breakdown and short circuit under extreme adverse environmental conditions. The withstand voltage performance of Y capacitor is of great significance to protect people.


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