WEET Tells You Can Coin and Radial Super Capacitors Replace Batteries and Precautions for Use of Ultra Capacitors

Date: 2020-06-20

Yes, in most cases, super capacitors can replace batteries. However, the storage capacity of super capacitor battery can not meet the demand, and the discharge current is difficult to control, so it can not be used in pure electric system vehicles.

Super capacitor battery is also called gold capacitor or farad capacitor. It stores energy through polarized electrolyte and belongs to a kind of double layer capacitor. The energy storage process is reversible because no chemical reaction occurs.

It is precisely because this supercapacitor can be repeatedly charged and discharged hundreds of thousands of times. Super capacitors generally use activated carbon electrode materials, which have the characteristics of large adsorption area and more electrostatic storage, and are widely used in new energy vehicles.

The supercapacitor battery, also known as the Electrical Double Layer Capacitor, is a new type of energy storage device. It has the characteristics of short charging time, long service life, good temperature characteristics, energy conservation and environmental protection. Super capacitors are widely used.

Precautions for use of super capacitor:
1. The supercapacitor has a fixed polarity. The polarity shall be confirmed before use.

2. Super capacitors shall be used at nominal voltage:

When the capacitor voltage exceeds the nominal voltage, the electrolyte will decompose, and the capacitor will heat up, the capacity will decrease, the internal resistance will increase, and the life will be shortened. In some cases, the performance of the capacitor may collapse.

3. Supercapacitors cannot be used in circuits with high frequency charging and discharging. High frequency fast charging and discharging will cause internal heating, capacity attenuation, and increase of internal resistance of capacitors, and in some cases will lead to performance collapse of capacitors.

4. After installing the super capacitor, it is not allowed to tilt or twist the capacitor forcibly, which will cause the capacitor lead to loose, leading to performance degradation.

5. Avoid overheating the capacitor during welding:

If the capacitor is overheated during welding, the service life of the capacitor will be reduced. For example, if the printed circuit board with a thickness of 1.6mm is used, the welding process should be 260 ℃, and the time should not exceed 5s.

6. When capacitors are used in series:

When supercapacitors are used in series, there is a problem of voltage balance between individual capacitors. Simple series connection will lead to overvoltage of one or several individual capacitors, thus damaging these capacitors and affecting the overall performance.

In addition, supercapacitors are also widely used in the DC system of power transformation and distribution stations, tax control computers, tax controlled cash registers, swaying flashlights (no battery change, you can light for 5 minutes as long as you shake for 30 seconds; the irradiation distance is 1 meter), smart meters (such as smart water meters and gas meters), and UPS power supply of computers.

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