WEET WAA Axial 85C 2000H Polarized Miniaturized Size 1uF to 10000uF 6.3V to 500V Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Date: 2023-03-01

Axial capacitance refers to the capacitance of the leads of two poles on the same axis.

Key Characteristic:
1. Non-induction structure, horizontal axial lead out
2. Wide capacity range and small size
3. Good self-healing and long service life
4. DC isolation, bypass and coupling for DC and VHF level signals
5. Widely used in filtering, noise reduction and low pulse circuits

WEET WAA Axial 85C 2000H Polarized Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Strong Items
47uF 6.3V 6.3*13mm 470uF 6.3V 8*16mm 4700uF 6.3V 13*27mm
47uF 10V 6.3*13mm 470uF 10V 8*16mm 4700uF 10V 16*28mm
47uF 16V 6.3*13mm 470uF 16V 8*16mm 4700uF 16V 16*33mm
47uF 25V 6.3*13mm 470uF 25V 10*21mm 4700uF 25V 18*40mm
47uF 35V 6.3*13mm 470uF 35V 10*21mm 4700uF 35V 18*40mm
4.7uF 50V 6.3*13mm 47uF 50V 8*13mm 470uF 50V 12*22mm 4700uF 50V 25*41mm
4.7uF 63V 6.3*13mm 47uF 63V 8*16mm 470uF 63V 12*27mm 4700uF 63V 25*43mm
4.7uF 100V 6.3*13mm 47uF 100V 10*21mm 470uF 100V 16*36mm
4.7uF 160V 8*16mm 47uF 160V 13*27mm
4.7uF 200V 10*17mm 47uF 200V 16*33mm
4.7uF 250V 10*17mm 47uF 250V 6*33mm
4.7uF 350V 10*21mm 47uF 350V 16*40mm
4.7uF 400V 10*21mm 47uF 400V 16*40mm
4.7uF 450V 13*22mm 47uF 450V 18*40mm


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