WEET WMH Aluminum Foil and PP Film Audio Capacitors Test Review By Germany and The Netherlands Customers

Date: 2023-08-07
WEET WMH 10uF 100V Aluminum Foil and PP Film Audio Capacitors Crossover Filters Test Review
Over the following week, I let the speakers play continuously at a low volume. 
During the night and when I was away from home, I used the IsoTek CD, and when I returned from work, I played music. 
Every day, I heard improvements, and I must admit that I experienced goosebumps several times while listening. 
The WEET WMH capacitors are not just very good; they are a MUST for anyone who wants to build or modify a crossover filter in such a way
that there is no doubt about achieving a realistic reproduction. With the WMH capacitors, you can be certain that at least capacitor quality won't be the limiting factor!
--- From Alex Bartels ,The Netherlands

WEET WMH Aluminium Foil and Film Capacitor Against Russian Capacitors
The WEET Aluminum Foil capacitors clearly outperformed the stock capacitors and all the Russian capacitors in terms of detail and rhythm. 
Bass was tight, mids having good tonal balance and natural highs.
Aluminum foil are very recommendable capacitor.
---From Lorenz Slansky, Germany

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