WEET WTA CA42 Tantalum Capacitors 6.3V 10V 16V 25V 35V 50V 2.54mm 5.08mm Pitch 0.1uF to 1000uF Bulk Ammo

Date: 2019-07-23

In the actual manufacturing process of tantalum capacitors, due to the differences in the performance of raw materials, process levels and equipment performance, although the performance of products produced in batch conforms to the standards, there are significant quality differences in the performance of products produced by different manufacturers. Even if it is the same production batch, different products actually have quality differences. The deep reason for this phenomenon is that the complex production process of tantalum capacitors makes it impossible to keep the product parameters absolutely consistent. Therefore, the pursuit of quality consistency and high performance has become an important goal of all manufacturers.

For users, there are two main reasons for failure in use; I; The product performance parameters do not match the circuit use conditions. II; The product provided by the user has quality problems.
The influence of various electrical performance parameters of tantalum capacitor on the reliability in use, the actual main parameters include:
① Rated capacity, i.e. capacity value [uF];
② DC, DC leakage current [uA];
③ DF, dissipation factor loss [%];
④ ESR, equivalent series resistance, [Ω].


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