WEET WUA C V H Type Coin Cell Super Capacitors WUC 2.7V 3.0V Winding Radial Type Ultra Capacitor

Date: 2022-10-12

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WEET is gald to inform you that we have below fresh stock for Super capacitors, please let us know if you have demand for these, thank you.

WUA 5.5V Coin Type Cell Super Capacitors RoHS
0.22F 5.5V C-type 13*6.5mm Tube Box Packing
0.47F 5.5V C-type 13*6.5mm Tube Box Packing
1F 5.5V C-type 20.5x7.4mm  Tube Box Packing
V type, 5.5V 0.47F 11.5*12.3mm, P:4.7mm Bulk
C type, 5.5V 0.47F 13*6.5mm, P:5.0mm Bulk

WUC 2.7V Radial, Snap-in Type Super Capacitors RoHS
1F 2.7V Radial Type 8*13mm Bulk Box Packing
3F 2.7V Radial Type 8*16mm Bulk Box Packing
5F 2.7V Radial Type 10*20mm Bulk Box Packing
10F 2.7V Radial Type 10*25mm Bulk Box Packing
100F 2.7V Snap in Type 22*46mm Bulk Box Packing
350F 2.7V Snap in Type 35*65mm Bulk Box Packing
500F 2.7V Snap in Type 35*60mm Bulk Box Packing

Super capacitors cannot be used in the following states:
a) Temperature exceeding the nominal temperature When the capacitor temperature exceeds the nominal temperature, the electrolyte will decompose, and the capacitor will generate heat, reduce capacity, increase internal resistance, and shorten life.
b) Voltage exceeding the rated voltage When the capacitor voltage exceeds the nominal voltage, the electrolyte will decompose, and the capacitor will heat up, the capacity will drop, and the internal resistance will increase, and the life will be shortened. Therefore, reducing the service voltage can improve the service life.
c) Loading of reverse voltage or AC voltage


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