WEET 10W KNP Wire Wound Resistors- Flameproof - Precision Audio Grade Resistor Across to Jantzen Superes Series

Date: 2023-09-04
It is glad to inform you that we are capable of manufacturing Jantzen Audio MOX 10W resistors too. We are strong at it .

At the same time, our KNP 10W green resistors are also very popular in audio related applications, that is Jantzen Superes 10W Resistors, thank you.

Check more common items by below table, welcome your enquiry at any time.

10W +/-5%  KNP Wire Wound Resistor- Flameproof - Precision Audio Grade Resistor
MOQ: 1000pcs per value
0.33Ω 0R33 2.2Ω 2R2 12Ω 12R
0.47Ω 0R47 2.4Ω 2R4 15Ω 15R
0.51Ω 0R51 2.7Ω 2R7 18Ω 18R
0.56Ω 0R56 3Ω 3R 22Ω 22R
0.62Ω 0R62 3.3Ω 3R3 27Ω 27R
0.68Ω 0R68 3.6Ω 3R6 33Ω 33R
0.75Ω 0R75 3.9Ω 3R9 36Ω 36R
0.82Ω 0R82 4.3Ω 4R3 39Ω 39R
0.91Ω 0R91 4.7Ω 4R7 43Ω 43R
1Ω 1R 5.1Ω 5R1 47Ω 47R
1.1Ω 1R1 5.6Ω 5R6 56Ω 56R
1.2Ω 1R2 6.2Ω 6R2 62Ω 62R
1.3Ω 1R3 6.8Ω 6R8 68Ω 68R
1.5Ω 1R5 7.5Ω 7R5 75Ω 75R
1.6Ω 1R6 8.2Ω 8R2 82Ω 82R
1.8Ω 1R8 9.1Ω 9R1 100Ω 100R
2Ω 2R 10Ω 10R OD*L: 8.0 * 53MM


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