WEET AH Series High Power Gold Aluminum Housed Wire Wound Resistor 25W 50W 100W 300W

Date: 2023-09-12

The shell is made of aluminum alloy (golden aluminum shell) with a heat sink on the surface, small size, high power, high temperature resistance, strong overload capacity, weather resistance, high accuracy, standard low induction resistance, high stability, sturdy structure, good flexibility, and multiple combinations to choose from, which is conducive to mechanical protection and convenient installation and use


  • Aluminum housed, Heatsink mounted ,High heat dissipation.
  • High insulation.
  • Small size,high power load.
  • Good vibration resistance.
  • Corrision-resistant housing for severe environments.
  • Excellent surge performance.

Gold Aluminum Housed Wire Wound Resistors have the characteristics of high power, small size, strong overload capacity, sturdy structure, and high reliability; 
Widely used in power supplies, frequency converters, elevators, industrial control, and stage audio systems.

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