WEET Best Audio Capacitors MKP MKT Film and Foil Surport Custom Brand Tape and Resin Colors Low MOQ

Date: 2019-12-12
Do you want to see your own designed marking and trademark on your capacitors?

Do you have interest to change a pair of music capacitors in your speaker or audio application?

Do you think it is possible to order one piece of audio capacitor from real Chinese factory?

Do you doubt about the sounding quality as the price is much lower than the big brands?

Please kindly and patiently see below answers to above questions:

WEET is quite flexible in markings, with WEET standard marking, the MOQ can begin with one piece, but we also can do your markings with request MOQ for different series. For Foil and Film capacitors, we start with 10 pieces with your logo. As we know most of the capacitors from European brands are very expensive, actually some of them are OEM in China factories. To be frank, we have done OEM service for many years, so we have confidence in sounding quality. 

Finally, we are the end factory and well control of the raw material cost, so price will be very affordable to most of the end users. Welcome to try WEET audio capacitors.


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