WEET Low DF WMH Aluminum Foil and Film WMW Copper Film WME MKP 400V 630V Audio Capacitors Test Reviews

Date: 2017-10-15

WMM: These very compact capacitors are ideal when large values are needed in a small space. Due to the higher ESR, a bipolar electrolytic capacitor is not usually an exact ‘drop in’ for a film capacitor in an existing crossover design, but are useful if the resistance can be accounted for in the design.

WMC: The WMC is a compact, inexpensive metallised polypropylene (MKP) type capacitor, and have slightly better performance than metallised polyester types.

WME: The WME, like the WMC, is very compact, with an attractive white tape wrap. Performance and character are quite similar, but subjectively it appears to make further gains in transients through the crossover range where the capacitor has its greatest influence on the sound

WMH: A lengthy axial film and aluminium foil capacitor, the WMH is aimed at the high frequency network of expensive loudspeaker designs. The size, weight and appearance are all impressive and give an excellent‘static value’ impression.

--- From Mr Stefan Whatcott, United Kingdom


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