WEET Tells You Which Audio Crossover Hifi Capacitor is Recommended for High Performance and Competitive Cost?

Date: 2018-10-19
1. China WEET

The capacitor with high performance price ratio is made of polypropylene treated by modern metal precipitation process. Sound is bright and dynamic is neutral.

The bright timbre caused by excessive high frequency enhancement is called "fast" in Asia (in order not to cause confusion, it should be clearly pointed out that "fast" in Europe and the United States usually refers to good dynamics).


WIMA capacitor is characterized by high speed, low loss, natural balance of sound quality, and cold voice color, which is suitable for a variety of listening requirements.

When using the WIMA capacitor, the voice is clearer, the high-frequency is crystal clear, the middle and high-frequency details are more, and the level is also clear, which can be described as the brilliant middle and high-frequency.

Many Singers like to use WIMA capacitors in the coupling circuit, which will have a greater impact on the timbre orientation, especially highlighting the details of medium and high frequencies.


ERO characteristics are similar to those of WIMA. The feedback end of the power amplifier circuit has a large insulation resistance, low dielectric loss and neutral tone.

The voice of ERO and ROE, a famous brand of electrolytic capacitors, is very similar. The difference is that ROE is more accurate, but ERO reflects a light emotional factor.


This brand of electrolyte capacitors and film capacitors are used by the famous German HI-END factory MBL, and their sound performance is excellent, especially the medium frequency is very loose, very broad and full, and the music sense is excellent,

However, the speed is too slow, and both high and low voices are not good, especially the high voice is not good, but the strength is still not to be underestimated.


The film capacitor of Philips PHILIPS is not as good as its electrolytic capacitor. When the electrolytic capacitor of Philips PHILIPS is used as the filter capacitor, it is also very attractive, for example, its elasticity and strength are excellent.

But its film capacitance advantage is obviously not so obvious. The film capacitor of Philips PHILIPS is generally neutral. The capacitor is fast and powerful, the voice is fresh, the tone is exquisite, transparent, and atmospheric. It has the noble spirit of European capacitors, and has a good sense of low frequency diving and density.


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