WEET MF Series Metal Film Precision Resistor TCR from 5ppm to 100ppm Resistance Tolerance Lowest to 0.01 and 5W

Date: 2017-02-08

WEET MF series resistors have an extremely low temperature coefficient of ± 5 ppm/℃ and a tolerance of 0.01%. They have a power level of 0.25W and a maximum working voltage of 500V. They have excellent stability under various environmental conditions.

WEET MF series resistors have standard clad joints to avoid the risk of solder fillet cracking due to different thermal expansion coefficients. 

The sturdy and durable molded seal optimizes product performance in harsh environments.
Working temperature range of resistance: - 55 ℃~+155 ℃

WEET-MF-Series-Metal-Film-Precision-Resistor-TCR-From-5ppm to-100ppm-Resistance-Tolerance-Lowest-to-0.01-and-5W

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