WEET WFB CBB21 Red Coated Radial MKP Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor 100V 250V 400V 630VDC

Date: 2017-03-06

WEET would like to share What are the causes of CBB21 capacitor burnout?
1. Bought inferior capacitors
The cost of CBB21 capacitors produced by different manufacturers is actually very small. If the price of CBB21 capacitors you buy is significantly lower than the market average price, there is a great possibility to buy low-quality capacitors. The materials used for such low-quality capacitors are poor, the production process can be saved, the performance cannot be guaranteed, and the capacitors with poor quality are likely to burn out.
2. Operating environment temperature is too high
Even if the quality of CBB21 capacitor is excellent, it is very easy to burn out if the working environment temperature is too high. Generally, the temperature resistance of CBB21 capacitor is - 40 ℃~85 ℃. Although theoretically it can withstand 105 ℃, the higher its working temperature is, the shorter its life will be.
Generally, the qualified CBB21 capacitor is burnt out, which is basically caused by the high ambient temperature. For example, it is too close to the electronic element (such as MOS tube) that generates a lot of heat, or the heat dissipation of the whole circuit is very large, and the heat cannot be discharged smoothly. These are the core reasons for the damage of the CBB21 capacitor.
The high working temperature is one of the most common and possible causes of CBB21 capacitor damage.
3. Improper capacitor selection
For example, the current is too large, exceeding the working current of CBB21 capacitor; The voltage in the circuit is too high, which exceeds the rated working voltage of CBB21 capacitor. If the type selection is improper, CBB21 capacitor is easy to be damaged during operation.
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