WEET Radial NPO COG X7R Y5V Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors Pitch 2.54 mm 5.08 mm 25V 50V 100V 0.5pF to 22uF

Date: 2019-02-10

Does Monolithic capacitor have positive and negative poles? Monolithic capacitors have no positive or negative polarity, they are no polarity.

The monolith capacitor is a multilayer chip capacitor. Its internal structure is very similar to the chip capacitor, but it is wrapped with a layer of resin.The advantages of this capacitor are: small temperature coefficient, long service life, high reliability, low high-frequency impedance, high temperature resistance, good insulation, low cost, etc.

On the market, there are few manufacturers that can really produce Monolithic capacitor, because its production process is still very complex, and the production process requires strict environmental requirements such as dust-free, which is much more strict than the general capacitor manufacturing requirements.Therefore, many Dushi capacitor manufacturers buy third-party chips, and few of them can really produce all of them themselves. WEET uses the best chips in the world to process products.
Monolithic capacitor is small in size, and its role is still very extensive. Now it has been widely used in various military and civil electronic machines and electronic equipment.
Such as computers, telephones, SPC exchanges, precision testing instruments, radar communications and other occasions. It is mainly used for resonance, coupling, filtering and bypass of small electronic equipment.
Small size, large capacity, high insulation resistance, high lead through voltage, suitable for automatic installation of tape packaging.


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