WEET WMH Pure Aluminum Foil and Polypropylene Film Capacitors Replace Hovland MusiCap

Date: 2020-02-15

WMH aluminum foil is rolled from high-purity aluminum, which is used in capacitor, high-voltage transformer and other industries.
Pure aluminum foil polypropylene base film capacitor is the best product developed by WEET audio capacitor.
It is mainly applicable to the treble system of the frequency divider. This product specification has greatly improved the quality of the treble, and it will not make the tone of the treble stand out very sharp but very soft.
Film and Foil Crossover Capacitors Winding Technology:
Aluminum foil spliced to polypropylene insulation film. (a layer of pure Aluminum foil and a layer of PP film).
Separate layers of polypropylene film & conductive foil deliver superiors clarity of reproduction that metalized capacitors can not.


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