WEET Tell You What is the Detailed Introduction and Circuit Application of Tantalum Capacitor CA42 CA45 CA45L CA55

Date: 2020-12-31
1、 Introduction of Tantalum Capacitor

Tantalum capacitor is the full name of tantalum electrolytic capacitor, which is also a kind of electrolytic capacitor. It uses metal tantalum as the medium, hence its name. Tantalum capacitor was first developed by Bell Laboratories in 1956. With excellent performance, it is a passive component with small volume and large capacitance in capacitors. Tantalum capacitors have various shapes and are made into small and chip components suitable for surface mounting. Tantalum capacitors are not only used in military communication, aerospace and other fields, but also widely used in industrial control, film and television equipment, communication instruments and other products.

2、 Basic structure of Tantalum Capacitor

The solid tantalum capacitor is formed by pressing tantalum powder and sintering it into an anode in a high temperature furnace. Its dielectric is to put the anode into acid for energy, forming a porous amorphous Ta2O5 dielectric film. Its working electrolyte is manganese nitrate

The solution is decomposed at high temperature to form MnO2, which is used for extraction and connection through the graphite layer.

3、 Main characteristic parameters of Tantalum Capacitor

In the actual manufacturing process of tantalum capacitors, due to the differences in the performance of raw materials, process levels and equipment performance, although the performance of products produced in batch conforms to the standards, there are significant quality differences in the performance of products produced by different manufacturers. Even if it is the same production batch, different products actually have quality differences. The deep reason for this phenomenon is that the complex production process of tantalum capacitors makes it impossible to keep the product parameters absolutely consistent. Therefore, the pursuit of quality consistency and high performance has become an important goal of all manufacturers.

For users, there are two main reasons for failure in use; I; The product performance parameters do not match the circuit use conditions. II; The product provided by the user has quality problems.

The influence of various electrical performance parameters of tantalum capacitor on the reliability in use, the actual main parameters include:

① Rated capacity, i.e. capacity value [uF];

② DC, DC leakage current [uA];

③ DF, dissipation factor loss [%];

④ ESR, equivalent series resistance, [Ω].


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