WEET WFB CBB21 Capacitors are Widely Used in High Frequency DC AC and Pulse Circuits and Filter Circuits after Rectification

Date: 2018-11-13
WEET WFB CBB21 (MKP) metallized polypropylene film DC capacitor, which uses metallized polypropylene film as the medium and electricity, is wrapped with flame retardant insulating material, unidirectional lead out, tape wrapping, and epoxy resin sealing. It has excellent electrical performance, good reliability, low loss, and good self-healing performance.

The role of capacitance is to reduce the passing capacity of low-frequency signals and increase the passing capacity of high-frequency signals. The function of resistor and CBB21 capacitor in parallel is to hope that DC signal or low-frequency signal is difficult to pass, while AC signal or high-frequency signal is easy to pass.

Is it suggested that CBB21 capacitor and CBB81 capacitor can be replaced each other? CBB21 is MKP metallized polypropylene film capacitor, and CBB81 is MFP high-voltage metallized/foil polypropylene film capacitor.

Generally speaking, as long as the size of the mounting position is appropriate, the value of the withstand voltage capacity and the capacity are similar, they can be replaced. Attention shall be paid to the replacement according to the actual situation and application situation of the circuit, and blind replacement is not allowed.

WEET WFB CBB21 capacitors are widely used in high-frequency DC, AC and pulse circuits, and filter circuits after rectification.

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