WEET WTD CA55 SMD Conductive Solid Polymer Tantalum Capacitors Product Characteristics And Features

Date: 2018-12-05
With extremely low ESR and low ESL [equivalent series inductance], it can be used in filter circuits with higher frequency;

In case of accidental breakdown, it will not burn or explode, will not cause fire and secondary breakdown effect, and has excellent safety;

It is used in low impedance switching power supply circuit and is insensitive to surge current and voltage. Only 10-20% derating is required to ensure high safety and lower failure efficiency;

With low internal resistance and higher ripple resistance, the heat generated during filtering and high-power discharge is greatly reduced,

The filtering effect is better, and the discharge wave pattern is easier to meet the technical requirements;

Compared with the chip tantalum capacitor with manganese dioxide as cathode, the reliability is one order of magnitude higher;

It can be used in high ripple filter circuit and high power high frequency discharge circuit without greatly derating;

Operating temperature range: - 55 ℃~+125 ℃

Nominal capacity range: 0.47~1000 μF at 100Hz

Capacity tolerance:  M (± 20%);

Resistance to welding heat: up to 3 × 260℃. 10s reflow soldering


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