WEET WFC Class X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor 310VAC 2.2uF Pitch 27.5mm Bulk RoHS

Date: 2023-02-07

WEET WFC Class X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor 310VAC 2.2uF Pitch 27.5mm Bulk RoHS

X2 safety capacitance is a kind of capacitor, so its capacity is not a fixed value, but a capacity range. The current capacity range of capacitance mpx x2 is 0.0047~10.0 μ F. That is, the capacity can be from 102K to 475K.

1. What is the rated voltage of MKP-X2 capacitor?

This rated voltage is not fixed and unique. The oldest requirement is 275V. Now it is generally 275V, 305V and 310V. The best one can achieve 310V, 350V and 380V. The higher the rated voltage is, the more sufficient the margin of withstand voltage is, and the longer the life of the capacitor is.

2. The function of MKP-X2 capacitor in the circuit.

MKP-X2 is a safety capacitor, which is mainly used between the zero line and the live line on the power supply. Generally, its main functions in the circuit are: power supply cross-line circuit, EMI filter, spark elimination circuit, etc. to ensure that the finished electronic products meet EMC requirements.

There are also MKP-X2 capacitor models dedicated to resistance and capacitance step-down, which are mainly used as step-down capacitor in the capacitor. Here again, it is emphasized that the X2 capacitor dedicated to resistance and capacitance step-down must be used, otherwise its capacity attenuation will be large and the circuit life will be short.

3. Classification of MKP-X2 capacitors.

X2 capacitor can be divided into many sub-categories according to its different functions, such as suppression of power electromagnetic interference type, PD fast charging special ultra-low noise type, resistance and capacitance step-down special type, dual 85 high temperature and high humidity resistance type. You can choose to use it according to the actual needs of the circuit.

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