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Date: 2021-01-16

What is an audio film capacitor? Acoustic audio film capacitors are made of metalized polypropylene film, which works as the dielectric / electrode winding. The lead is made of tinned copper clad steel wire, the side is wrapped with polyester tape, and the ends are filled with epoxy resin. The performance is very outstanding, the self-healing performance is outstanding, and the high frequency loss is low.

A film capacitor is a capacitor in which a plastic film such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, or polycarbonate is stacked from both ends and wound into a cylindrical shape. Its structure is the same as paper dielectric capacitor, and the medium is polyester or polystyrene. Polyester film capacitors have high dielectric constant, small volume, large capacity, and good stability. It is suitable for bypass electrical capacitance. Polystyrene film capacitors have low dielectric loss and high insulation resistance, but have large temperature coefficients and can be used in high-frequency circuits.

The high-frequency unit of the speaker is designed to improve high-frequency performance. Its voice coil and vibration part will be designed to be very lightweight, and the response to low-frequency signals is very low. 

Feeding a power signal with a too low frequency can easily cause damage to the vibrating parts and burn out of the voice coil . Therefore, multi-frequency speakers will use frequency dividers, so that signals of various frequency components and various frequency band units can play their due role.

The thin inner film capacitor added to the middle and high frequency unit is essentially a simple frequency divider. The thin film capacitor acts as a "high pass filter" that blocks low frequencies and allows only high frequencies to pass.

The smaller the film capacitor capacity is, the higher the crossover point is, and the more obvious the effect of filtering low-frequency components.

This simple crossover is usually a two-way speaker, and its mid-low frequency unit feeds a full-band signal (but the mid-low frequency unit's response to high frequencies is also very low, so it will not play too much High-frequency sound capacity), the high-frequency unit feeds in a high-pass filtered high-frequency signal. Because part of the signal is filtered out, the speaker with the crossover will have a lower sound than the full-band signal, so the sound will be smaller after the audio film capacitor is added.

Now we introduce several fine film capacitors in the audio circle:

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WEET capacitor

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