WEET WUA 0.047 Frad 5.5V to 1.5 Frad 5.5V Coin Type Cell Super Capacitors Typical Applications Backup Power Supply

Date: 2021-03-21
As an energy storage element, button supercapacitor is widely used in the backup power supply of instruments and clocks.
It has the characteristics of short charging time, long service life, good temperature characteristics, energy conservation and green environmental protection.

C. H-type and V-type structures can be selected during installation;

Product application: backup power supply, data protection and backup functions in electronic products with memory storage function.

Suitable for systems with CPU. Intelligent "three meters", tax controller, solar lamp, toy, solenoid valve, LED display screen, solar spike lamp, solar lawn lamp, industrial controller, on-board navigation equipment, remote control electric toys, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, car audio, electric tools, wind power generation, industrial UPS, peak power compensation, DC screen and other fields.


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