WEET Chip SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Wide Temperature High Frequency Low Impedance and 2000 Hours Standard Type

Date: 2021-05-10
Full name: SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor, referred to as chip SMD aluminum electrolysis.

The main specifications and dimensions are divided into: Φ4×5.5mm、Φ5×5.5m、Φ6.3×5.5mm、Φ6.3×7.7mm、Φ8×6.5mm、Φ8×10.2mm、Φ10×10.2mm, etc.

Rated voltage: 4V~100V; Capacity range for normal use: 0.1uF ~ 1500uF

With the development of relevant technologies and materials,  products with rated voltage up to 100V and capacity up to 1500uF have also been adopted.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is composed of positive foil, negative foil and electrolytic paper rolled into a core, and the positive and negative electrodes are led out with leads. After containing electrolyte, the positive and negative electrodes are led out through a guide pin, and then sealed with aluminum shell and glue.

Although the volume of the chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor is small, because the surface area of the electrode foil is expanded after electrochemical corrosion, and its dielectric oxide film is very thin, the chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor can have relatively large capacitance.

When selecting a chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor correctly, the parameters to be noted include: capacitance, rated voltage, temperature, life and characteristics (such as high frequency and low impedance)

At present, WEET mainly provide the following series of chip SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors:

WVS series (85 ℃ - 2000 hours standard)
WVT series (105 ℃ - 1000h standard)
WVW series (105 ℃ - 2000 hours standard)
WVE series (105 ℃ - 1000h high-frequency low impedance products)
WVH series (125 ℃ - 1000h wide temperature products)
WVN series (105 ℃ - 2000 hours bipolar products)
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