WEET is Looking for Distributors All Over the World for Audio Capacitors Crossover and Bypass Capacitor Manufacturer

Date: 2021-06-01

If you are in the business field of audio capacitors, you certainly know some famous brands as they have put great effort in advertisement , such as Bennic,Cicada,Jantzen Audio,Mundorf,Solen and so on. However you do not quite familiar with WEET Capacitors. This is true, as WEET is focus on manufacturing and domestic market. However we have done OEM service for many years for these European brands, and we are still doing now due to superior quality and competitive price.

Maybe some of end user what to try European brands, but will reconsider about it due to their high price tag. Frankly speaking, a capacitor’s cost is very crystal to manufactures, we know clearly how much a capacitor worthy, but with advertising and promotion fees, the final unit prices will differ a lot one by one. WEET is pay more attention on product technology and sounding quality improvements.

Well, although WEET is a fresh brand and we do not spend much money in marketing promotion, we have deep history and background in producing audio capacitors in China. Now we are looking for distributors. We have confidence to gain more market shares in audio application filed. We are prepared with samples and price list for you. Are you ready to become our distributor? Please contact with us now. Thank you very much.


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