WEET WUA Super Capacitor 5.5V H Type Capacitance 0.1F 0.22F 0.33F 0.47F 1F 1.5F 4F 4.5F

Date: 2023-06-28

Typical Capacitance: 0.1F 0.22F 0.33F 0.47F 1F 1.5F 4F 4.5F

Type: 5.5V, H Type, 0.22F,-20%~+100%  Pitch:10.5mm, D*H:11.5*6.4mm

PN: WUA5R5H224T105R

Product introduction:Farad capacitor, also called Supercapacitor, golden capacitor, is a chemical element developed by M in the 1970s and 1980s. Faraday capacitors store energy through polarized electrolytes, but do not undergo major chemical reactions, and the energy storage process is reversible, which is why this Faraday capacitor can charge and discharge hundreds of thousands of times in reverse. The difference between Farad capacitors and ordinary capacitors is primarily in terms of capacity. The maximum capacity of ordinary capacitors is 140000 microfarads, and currently, the maximum capacity of Farad capacitors can reach thousands of Farad, with 1 Farad=1 million microfarads.

Product application: Fast charging application, charging in seconds and discharging in minutes. For example, electric tools and toys; In the LPS system, supercapacitors provide instantaneous power output as a supplement to the backup power supply for engines or other uninterrupted systems; Applied to energy sources with sufficient energy but limited power, such as solar energy; When a bus switches from one power source to another, its power supports low current and long-term continuous discharge, such as computer memory backup power supply.


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