WEET WVA Zinc Oxide Varistors UL, cUL, VDE, CQC 05D 07D 10D 14D 20D Standard Type

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WEET WVA Zinc Oxide Varistors UL, cUL, VDE, CQC 05D 07D 10D 14D 20D Standard Type
Round Zinc Oxide Varistor, radial leaded type, high quality, standard
Fast reaction time, Good voltage ratio, High stability loop voltage
Superior transient voltage absorption characteristics
Excellent voltage current symmetry
Stable pressure limiting under over temperature
RoHS, Reach, Halogen free compliant
High energy & 6KV3KA elements available on request
Bulk, Cut leg, Ammo Taped, Ammo Reel package available

Detailed Specifications

Varistor Voltage (Threshold Voltage)

18V ~ 1800V

Working Voltage


11VAC ~ 1000VAC

(Max. Allowable Voltage)


14VDC ~ 1465VDC

Peak Current for 8/20μS

Standard Type

100A ~ 6500A

Current Wave

High surge Type

250A ~ 10000A

Energy Range For 10/1000μS

Standard Type

0.4J ~ 625J

Current Wave

High surge Type

0.6J ~ 990J

Operation Ambient Temperature Range

-40℃ ~ +85℃

Storage Temperature Range

-55℃ ~ +125℃

Insulation Resistance

>1000 MΩ

Hi-Pot (Leads to Coating)

2500 VAC for 1 min.

Typical Response Time


Maximum Voltage-Temperature Coefficient

<-0.05% / ℃

Product Drawing


Main Applications

Applications for Metal Zinc Oxide Varistor:
Telecommunication and mobile communication: mobile phone, telephone, fax, relay contact protection, etc
Commercial machines: photocopiers, ATMs, fire alarms, lighting equipment, etc
Industrial machinery: motor controller, power circuit, three-phase rectifier circuit, etc
Household electronics and appliances: color TV, refrigerator, socket, washing machine, LED lamps, etc
Means of transportation: cars, trains, motor cars, planes, berths, etc
Power system: lightning arrester, energy meter, transformer, power transmission line, etc

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