WEET WMD MKP CBB20 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor Axial and Flat

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WEET WMD MKP CBB20 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor Axial and Flat

WEET WMD CBB20, MPA / MPT (CBB20A / CBB20T), CBB20 capacitor is wound by metallized polypropylene film.The lead is led out axially, wrapped with high-temperature tape, and sealed with flame retardant liquid at both ends. The appearance is oblate or cylindrical, with low noise, low loss and small internal temperature rise.
CBB20 capacitor has good self-healing; Low high frequency loss, low temperature rise and high impact strength.
CBB20 is a non inductive structure, which is wound with metallized polypropylene film as dielectric / electrode. The lead is tinned copper-clad steel wire, the outer layer is wrapped with polyester tape, and both ends are filled with epoxy resin. Small volume and light weight; Good capacity stability; Excellent self-healing performance; Low high frequency loss.
CBB20 axial capacitor uses metallized polypropylene film as the medium, the electrode is wound without inductance, the outer layer is wrapped with polyester tape, and epoxy resin is poured at both ends. It belongs to non inductive structure, with low high frequency loss, strong overcurrent capacity and high insulation resistance. It can be used in high current circuits,
Compared with other CBB capacitors, CBB20 can generally have a large capacity, a wide capacity range and even up to 100uF, which is much higher than other CBB capacitors. Moreover, its capacity stability is also particularly good, and the service life of the capacitor can reach about 10-15 years.

Detailed Specifications

Operating Temperature:

-55℃~ +100℃
Rated Voltage: 250V, 400V, 630V, 1000V, 1250V.DC
Withstand Voltage: 1.6UR 2s (1.5UR 5s)
Capacitance Range: 0.047 ~ 56μF

Capacitance Tolerance:

±3%, ±5%, ±10%

Insulation Resistance:

C≤0.33μF ≥50000MΩ,
C>0.33μF ≥15000S, VR>100V, ≥5000S
Dissipation Factor: ≤0.0020

Product Drawing


Main Applications

Many people believe that axial capacitors are mainly used in audio circuits, which is actually a misunderstanding. Axial capacitance has more uses than you think.
CBB20 axial capacitance is widely used in power saving, audio, speaker, audio, flash lamp, stage lamp, disinfection lamp and other fields.
It is widely used in frequency conversion and frequency division large pulse circuits, especially in high fidelity audio frequency divider circuits.
It is mainly used in filtering and pulse high current occasions, such as power amplifier and welding machine.
CBB20 capacitor can be seen in communication equipment, radio, television, power supply, instruments and other products.

Cross Reference

WEET audio capacitors can replace ERSE, Mundorf - MCAP MKP, Jantzen Audio, Mallory, BENNIC, SCR / SOLEN, Auricap, INTERTECHNIK, Ampohm audio series.


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