WEET SQM Series Radial Cement Ceramic Resistor

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WEET SQM Series Radial Cement Ceramic Resistor
Cement Ceramic resistors are manufactured by winding the ceramic rods with metal alloy resistance wire and put it in a fireproof ceramic box then concrete with non-flammable and heat-resistant cement.
Excellent heat resistance, low temperature coefficient of resistance and linear change.
It can withstand short-term overload, low noise, and the resistance value has not changed over the years.
Good explosion-proof performance and protection.

Detailed Specifications

Power Rating 70℃ 2W 3W 5W 7W 10W
3WS 5WS 7WS 10WS -
Series Number SQM
Operating Temp. Range -55~ +155
Max. Working Voltage 250V 350V 350V 500V 500V
Max. Overload Voltage 500V 700V 700V 1000V 1000V
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage(AC) 500V 700V 700V 1000V 1000V
Value Range ±5% (Ceramic Core) 0.1Ω - 47Ω 0.1Ω - 100Ω 0.1Ω - 180Ω 0.1Ω - 470Ω 0.1Ω -680Ω
Value Range ±5% (Metal Oxide Film) 48Ω -100KΩ 110Ω -100KΩ 180Ω -100KΩ 471Ω -10KΩ 681Ω -10KΩ
Temp. Coefficient (PPM) ±300ppm/

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